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Scripted One Acts Plays


Lives to Save: The Rescuers

The lessons of the Holocaust lie in the reasons over 14,000 documented rescuers risked their lives to save Jews, breaking the notion that no one helped in this most trying of times. A series of dramatizations for adults & school children, grades 4-12. Cast of two performers (m/f) or many performers. Time: approximately 50 minutes.


The play’s message is about triumph & moral courage in the face of adversity.
 The Courier, Long Branch, NJ

The dramatizations by Dostis & Sunrise recounted the Holocaust through the eyes of the rescuers.
 Daily Record, Morristown, NJ

The duo focuses on people who are unsung heroes of history when writing their plays. [This play offers] dramatic interpretations of the situations faced by those who risked their lives to save Jews during the war.
 Central Post, East Brunswick, NJ

The material is excellent, the text easy to understand.
 Voices Israel, Haifa, Israel

I enthusiastically recommend this play & their performances. They kept the students spellbound.
 Municipal High School, Herzlia, Israel

On behalf of a grateful audience, we thank you for performing your play ‘Lives to Save’ here in such a magnificent manner. We were treated to a meaningful experience.
 American International School, Tel Aviv, Israel

It was a moving account of the Righteous. Your vignettes impacted & left a great mark on our students.
 Hammarskjold Middle School, East Brunswick, Nj

A few simple props & the skill of the writers & actors was all that was needed to make it amazing.
 Canadian Jewish News, Ontario, Canada

Local viewers are perhaps most familiar with Act 1’s frequently run ‘Lives to Save: The Rescuers,’ a play written & edited by the duo. It tells the stories of Christians who helped Jews survive during the Holocaust.
 Metrowest Jewish News, Parsippany, NJ

It’s message of a ‘glimmer of light even when it is the darkest’ can only bring understanding & reassurance.
 YM&YWHA, Wayne, NJ

The play speaks of an important theme.
 Hillel Foundation, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

It is an original & powerful play which was uniquely conceived & professionally presented. It will remain etched in the mind & influence our moral judgement transcending the Holocaust into everyday life.
 Sisterhood of Janina, Queens, NY

The new information you provided gave a particular perspective to the Holocaust for us to study.
 Morris County College, Randolph, NJ

I was impressed by the structure of the play& how it moved along, each sketch adding some new dimension to the attributes of the Righteous.
 Realto United Methodist Church, Claremont, CA

The play is an important, useful, informative &moving production that clearly draws the audience in, captivates as it elevates & touches all who witness it.
 Center for Holocaust Studies, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ

The content of the material & your ability to develop a dialogue with the audience helped each student internalize the message.
 Ramapo High School, Franklin Lakes, NJ

I’m glad someone opened our eyes to the Righteous. We learned so little about this group in our classes.
 A student at River Dell High School, River Edge, NJ

Holocaust education must result in a greater awareness of righteous behavior.
 Reform temple, Suffern, NY

Your play & discussion that you led afterwards was perhaps the best event this summer. The scholars, all 100 of these talented, rising high school seniors, found their attention, their moral questioning, & their hope for the future captivated by your presentation.
 Governor’s School, Monmouth College, West Long Branch, NJ

That we could be so well entertained even as we were profoundly informed, is a tribute both to your talents & your dedication.
 Regis High school, NYC

The actors did a superb job in acting, educating & sensitizing students to the Holocaust.
 Memorial Junior High School, Whippany, NJ

One of the most thought provoking, enlightening experiences we have had.
 St Cassian Church, Upper Montclair, NJ

The most important aspect of your performance is the message.
 Windsor High School, Morristown, NJ

[The company of two] gave a gripping, moving & informative performance, which we’ll never forget.
 Union School, Rutherford, NJ

The universal themes came through loud & clear. I sensed a bonding in the room when your play came to an end.
 Senior Center, Fair Lawn, NJ

The Trial of Susan B. Anthony

We know the name but we may not know the reason. Susan B Anthony was arrested for voting & what America put her through at the trial is something to behold. The show includes actual trial testimony. The jury is chosen from the audience. For adults & school children, grades 4-12. Cast of two performers (m/f) or many performers. Time: approximately 40 minutes.


Your research of the material presented was extraordinary.
 Free Public Library, Bergenfield, NJ

Through your research, you bring out true, unusual facts, unknown to the general public. Your account of the incidents is so real.
 Public Library, Teaneck, NJ

Your creative dramatization of the actual testimony…to write women back into history…presented a wonderful, vibrant look into history.
 Boquet Valley Women’s Club, Willsboro, NY

A good play brings across the feel of the time & the historical context with particular immediacy. We were not only pleased with the presentation, but you have my appreciation of the manner in which you make language in your presentation accessible to some of our foreign students.
 Union County College, Cranford, NJ

…using powerful prose… the couple portray figures from history showing the danger [SBA] faced taking the position [she] did.
 The Record, Hackensack, NJ

Using actual testimony from the proceedings, [the actors] reenacted the experience of Susan B Anthony.
 APG News, Philadelphia, PA

Sunrise & Dostis wrote their production based on the transcript of the trial. Other jurors later concurred that the dramatization was much more effective than a lecture.
 Star Ledger, Newark, NJ

The play richly underscored the theme of the National Women’s History Month which is ‘to write women back into history.’
 Women’s Club, Willsboro, NY

The message was clearly imparted.
 Batten Middle School, Elizabeth, NJ

The play imparts lessons in history & jurisprudence.
 Glen Ridge Paper, Glen Ridge, NJ

To prepare, Dostis & Sunrise did hours of research for arguments made in the case.
 The Record, Hackensack, NJ

The program was informative & entertaining as well.
 Public Library, Belleville, NJ, you bring

Stand Up & Be Counted!

Not many people consider the white community’s support for the Civil Rights Movement. It is a surprise to comprehend that Martin Luther King spoke for all of us when he spoke of equality & non-violence. A series of dramatizations of those every day white heroes who stepped over the imaginary line dividing America by race for adults & school children, grades 4-12. Cast of two performers (m/f) or many performers. Time: Approximately 40 minutes.


Students witnessed the sacrifices made by average white Americans. The play recreates instances of bravery on the part of ordinary people who dared to step across the line of segregation. The students became silent & fixed, finally punctuating the performance’s conclusion with vigorous applause.
 The Sentinal, North Brunswick, NJ

These are dramatizations of White America’s participation in the Civil Rights Movement, ‘the other side’ of the Civil Rights Movement. This is an unique program. I have never seen a program during Black History Month which emphasized the role of Whites. It’s good to get it from the white perspective.
 The Community Newspaper, Long Branch, NJ

It’s a series of Civil Rights history lesson skits to enlighten predominantly white students. The goal was to interest the students in the Movement & in the idea that its message pertains not only to blacks, but to everyone. Sunrise & Dostis developed their play because they felt that too many young non-blacks viewed the Civil Rights Movement as a history lesson for others.
 Star Ledger, Newark, NJ

The play is about those who stood up to be counted yet didn’t quite gain the recognition & popularity they deserve. This is a unique form of educational entertainment. Each scene change was smooth & convincing. Thank you, Isaac & Diana for your marvelous efforts to rid the world of prejudice.
 The Scroll, Elizabeth, NJ

Most of the individuals in the play are little known people, yet the context of their actions will be recognizable to those familiar with the Civil Rights struggle.
 News-Record, Maplewood & South Orange, NJ

The play is a series of 13 sketches. One sketch dramatized a dialogue between a principal & a racist teacher that looked at the desegregation of the Teaneck [NJ] School District. It should be relevant because there is still so much prejudice going around.
 Daily Record, Morristown, NJ

My daughter, Merissa, said it was the best & most meaningful & thought-provoking assembly she’s attended. Thanks for enlightening her.
 Sherry Silk, Montvale, NJ

The Civil Rights Movement was brought to life on Monday at Milburn High School in a tightly edited fabric of scenes. The message of the play was that all those who could no longer stay silent about the issue of segregation helped to bring about its demise.
 The Item, Milburn & Short Hills, NJ

Our population of 84 emotionally disturbed adolescents was captivated by your theatrical style & informational presentation. Each & every skit was entertaining as well as informative.
 Windsor High School, Morristown, NJ

Hapless Hazel’s Hopeless Horror

A mystery melodrama about the early days of bowling where the villain is hissed & the heroine is applauded, done in silent movie style. It offers us a look at the treatment of women in the 19th century through fun for all ages. Cast: Only two players needed (m/f). Time: Approximately 40 minutes.


We enjoyed the participatory nature of the melodrama.
 Hartwick Nursing Home, Cedar Grove, NJ

It was wonderful to see an educational experience that can be such fun, too.
 Public Library, North Bergen, NJ

Deborah Sampson: Revolutionary War Soldier

The first woman to fight in our War of Independence disguised as a man. Her trials & tribulations before, during & after her historical adventure are revisited. For adult, senior citizens & school children, grades 3-6. Cast of two performers (m/f) or many performers. Time: Approximately 35 minutes.


The program content made the social studies curriculum come alive.
 Owens Middle School, New Milford, NJ

It was all you said it would be, Isaac: Educational, engrossing & entertaining.
 JCC, Tenafly, NJ

Our students were enthralled with the story. You have helped us address important & current gender issues.
 Public School, Northvale, NJ

The dramatization covered language arts as well.
 Greenville Elementary School, Scarsdale, NY

The performance was a very educational & informative ‘true’ story.
 PTA-Fernwood School, Randolph, NJ

As with any performance with Dostis & Sunrise, you always come & entertain & educate us, making us think.
 Public Library, Teaneck, NJ

Holiday Shows/American Traditions

Haym Salomon: Revolutionary War Angel

One of the financiers of our War of Independence happened to be a Jew. Find out how he was repaid by the U S Government in a surprise ending. He is with us every day of our lives, but we don’t know it. For adults, senior citizens & school children, grades 3-6. Cast of two (m/f) or many performers. Time: Approximately 35 minutes.


Haym Salomon isn’t mentioned often in American history classes but without Salomon, there might not have been a United States. Act 1 has written him back into history.
 Backstage, NYC

It encapsulated the life of this great Jewish patriot. It’s a great tribute to the content & quality of the presentation & an excellent learning experience.
 Matty Feldman, NJ Senator

We were delighted & as well as instructed.
 Congregation Beth Abraham, Bridgeton, NJ

Julia Dent Grant: The First,First Lady

Julia Dent Grant was an early women’s advocate expanding the role of the president’s wife as never before. She welcomes the audience to a special tea at the Grant family residence front porch with Ulysses as special guest. Conversations center around the state of women’s affairs in the 19th century & stories about the era aimed at adults & college students. Cast: two players (m/f). Approximately 45 minutes.


Not only is the play, written by Sunrise & Dostis, an historical account detailing the state of women’s affairs in the 19th century but it is also a love story.
 Northern Valley News, Ridgewood, NJ

As envisioned by the playwrights, Julia Dent Grant, the first, first lady, cordially invites the public to a special tea at the Grant’s family residence front porch.
 Twin Boro News, Bergenfield, NJ

Through your dramatization, we have a better understanding of the Grants. As always, it was informative, thought-provoking & entertaining.
 Public Library, Teaneck, NJ

Mothers of Invention: Give Credit Where Credit is Due!

The contributions women have made to society in all aspects of our lives are easily overlooked. Through sketches and ‘show & tell’ we begin to understand that women stand equal to men. Cast: Only two Players (m/f) with elements of show & tell needed for adults & children, grades 2-4. Time: Approximately 40 minutes.


Your stories & ‘show & tell’ were both humorous & informative.
 Public Library, Teaneck, NJ

Thank you for making us aware of women’s contributions to society.
 Public Library, Ridgewood, NJ

It was an entertaining & enlightening lesson for us all, men & women alike.
 Central Unitarian Church, Paramus, NJ

It was a delightful & thought provoking show.
 Free Public Library, Bergenfield, NJ

1492: More than Just Columbus

A Multimedia Presentation

The intrigue behind the scenes between Spanish Queen Isabella & her financial advisor, Isaac Abravenal is the basis for this show. There is more to 1492 than we usually know. Sketch time: 20 minutes. Cast: two actors (m/f). Included is a list of Q&A for the audience which can be enhanced with a power point of the Moorish art of Spain & also the Native Americans before Columbus’ ventures. Total time: 1 hour; for adults, high school & college students.


This was a most interesting informative & exciting program.
 Sisterhood, Jewish Community, Fort Lee, NJ

The mix of drama, art slides, education & discussion was entertaining & more.
 Life Care Retirement Community, Media, PA

Your performance was well researched, well-acted & thought provoking.
 Public Library, New Milford, NJ

The colorful & authentic costumes, the well written play & illuminating slide show…all added up to a truly exceptional experience.
 Public Library, Tenafly, NJ

Raoul Wallenberg: One person can make a difference

Raoul Wallenberg saved thousands of Jews in Budapest during the Holocaust. Although he never appears on stage, through a variety of scenes we understand how one dedicated person can truly make a difference. Cast: Two players (m/f) or many players. Focus: Adults & college students. Time: Approximately 40 minutes.


I was impressed with the creativity of Dostis & Sunrise in both the conception & the writing of the play.
 Committee to Honor Raoul Wallenberg, Parsippany, NJ

Common Ground

Silence can be deadly & shouldn’t be tolerated, especially in the face of the tyranny of the Holocaust & the racism running rampant in America in the 20th century. Some refused to remain silent & risked their lives to help save oppressed people. A series of dramatizations gives us a look at the common ground of heroism for adults, high school, & college students. Cast: two performers (m/f) or many performers. Time: Approximately 40 minutes.


Our students were entertained & moved by your message. You kept them thoughtfully & emotionally involved.
 Collier High School, Wickatunk, NJ

It allows the students to understand how bigotry, prejudice & intolerance can lead to atrocities against people, specifically because of the silence or inaction of the large majority.
 Commission on Holocaust education, Trenton, NJ

The vignettes of courage drove home inescapably the centrality of the individual. Your program raised issues the students never considered before. As an educational resource, Common Ground is unsurpassed.
 William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

The audience was certainly affected by the powerful dialogue that delivered the important message of moral courage.
 Whitestone Middle School, Verona, NJ

Break the Silence

Many never knew what the concentration camps held until the heroes of the Allied Forces liberated them. Testimony at an imaginary tribunal before a court of spectators (the audience) leads to a variety of dramatizations. This one of our most emotional plays for adults, high school & college students. Cast of two performers or many performers. Time: Approximately 40 minutes.


I received your letter with the script of the play. Great! Showed it to my wife Ruth & she said that it was just as she said years ago. Keep up the important work you two are doing.
 Curtis Whiteway, Liberator, Plainfield, VT

Set in an imaginary tribunal, these unsung heroes, those Allies Forces, who liberated the concentration camps of WWII, tell their stories.
  Twin Boro News, Ridgewood, NJ

You’ll find a most moving, provocative presentation of readings in ‘Break the Silence.’
  Interfaith Holocaust Memorial Council, Randolph, NJ

Through your writing, ‘we relive the incredible inhumanity of man to his fellow man…a very meaningful presentation.
  Public Affairs, Department of the Army, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

The play, written by Isaac Dostis & his wife Diana Sunrise, concerns the Allied Liberators, who opened up the camp gates. It is a good companion piece to the provocative ‘Lives to Save: The Rescuers.’